What We Do

Education is a lifelong process. All Koorie people participate in the education of our families and communities. The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated is the peak Koorie community organisation for education and training in Victoria. We work for our community to build success in education and training.


At every stage of life, we all deserve an education that honours our potential and respects our culture. VAEAI’s main functions are providing advice on Koorie education issues, monitoring education trends and advocating for the needs of our community.


We regularly advise our community of important issues and opportunities in Koorie education. We also receive advice from community members on a regular basis. One significant mechanism for exchanging advice is our VAEAI Representative Council (VRC) which is comprised of representatives (chairs) from all of VAEAI’s Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECGs), based in 32 locations across Victoria.,

Meetings of the VRC are an opportunity for us to participate in a statewide exchange of perspectives on what is happening in Koorie education, with a focus on the local level.

The working arm of VAEAI is its Secretariat. VAEAI’s Secretariat and LAECGs work together to hold community forums for Koorie students and families. Our website, newsletters, events and statewide conferences are also important ways for us to regularly share information.

VAEAI advises education systems of ways to improve the outcomes and education experience of Koorie students. We maintain longstanding working relationships with State and Commonwealth departments of education and training. We provide representation to committees and forums at local, regional, state and national levels.


VAEAI monitors current issues and trends in education and training that impact on all Koorie students. We look to our community to gather perspectives about what is happening in Koorie education.

We engage in research on Aboriginal education and training in Victoria and nationally. We discuss our findings with our community and with the government departments that we work with.


We advocate for our community by representing community views at the local, state, regional and national level.

VAEAI advocates for the provision of high quality services in all sectors of education, from early childhood to schools and post-compulsory education and training. We recognise that education pathways have transition points, and that extra support is often required to make successful transitions to higher levels of learning.

VAEAI recognises the influences of social and economic issues on the individual and the impact these issues have on the Koorie community. We support a cross-sectoral approach where education works closely with health, social justice, housing wellbeing and employment.

Celebrating Success

In addition to our advisory, monitoring and advocacy roles, VAEAI also celebrates success in Koorie education and training. We do this through events like our annual Wurreker awards. The awards recognise the achievements of students, teachers and education institutions in Vocational Education and Training.