Koorie Education Calendar

The VAEAI Koorie Education Calendar has been developed to assist educators and learners alike, in focusing on and locating information about Victorian Koorie cultures, histories and perspectives.

Framed around significant dates and events throughout the calendar year, the interactive Koorie Education Calendar draws the learner to Victorian Koorie voices, stories, achievements, leadership and connections, and suggests a range of activities and resources around these dates.

The Koorie Education Calendar features the voices, heroism, stories and achievements of Koorie Elders and leaders, authors, playwrights, composers, sportspeople, artists, directors, musicians and much more.

Of course there are many, many, more Koorie voices, and we have a much richer history. VAEAI will continue to build and update the Koorie Education Calendar. We invite your feedback and suggestions for inclusion, as this is only the beginning! Every day of the year is an opportunity to learn about, celebrate and acknowledge Koorie people, Koorie knowledge and whose land we are living and walking on.


Protocols for Koorie Education in Victorian Primary and Secondary Schools

Published in 2015, VAEAI has produced this guide in response to requests for guidance on appropriate protocols for schools to follow when seeking to provide a welcoming school environment for Victoria's Koorie communities.


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